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SteveN M. Hinnant II,  Pastor
Moreh Jamie Dallas
Rosh William Scott
Minister Carlos Thomas

Our History



        On August 4, 1956 in a living room church at 348 W. Biddle Street the church was organized. It was founded by James E. Murchison. On August 20th was the signing of Our Articles of Incorporation, it was elected that the name shall be Gethsemane Spiritual Temple. On Sunday, September 30, 1956 The Rev. James E. Murchison was ordained and installed as pastor of the congregation. The church continued to grow and worship God in the Christian Faith Practicing Righteousness and Brotherhood in the community at large. In December 1960, there arose a Mighty Storm among the membership, and it seemed as though it was the end of Gethsemane, but being dedicated to God, and belonging to Him, He alone was mighty enough to save it.


        When that storm was past, God had preserved enough of us to keep on going. By January 1, 1961 Gethsemane was like the palm tree -- she had straightened up and was on her way again. About the latter part of 1961, God permitted the pastor to hear of a college that teaches the whole truth about God's Divine Plan for All Mankind. Through the teachings of the Great College, He learned many, many truths which were not obtainable through any other Institute that he knew of. After dedicating himself, feeling assuredly that this learning was by God's Ambassadors, he set out to make it a guide for Gethsemane.


        On Saturday, August 13, 1966, Gethsemane began her first observance of the Weekly Sabbath.

        By continuing to learn and teach God's word, on September 13, 1970, Gethsemane added as Amendment to her By-Laws: that beside freewill offerings, all members shall pay "Tithes" of their income. Article II States: "This congregation shall observe, to the best of it's ability, all of God's Holy Day Sabbaths, namely (1) The Weekly Sabbath: (2) The Passover: (3) The Days of Unleavened Bread: (4) The Day of Pentecost: (5) The Feast of Trumpets: (6) The Day of Atonement: (7) The Feast of Trumpets and The Last Great Day. Proudly and sincerely, we can say "We have come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord," and He has never failed us yet." May it forever be a place where men and women, boys and girls who wish to know God's Plan for man, can come and learn. May God continue to bless each member, especially those who have worked so hard in preparing the building for this day.

In Memorandum

Deacon Arthur Harrod

July 7, 1944 - September 18, 2020

It is with extreme sorrow in our hearts that we publicly announce the sudden passing of our longest tenured deacon, Deacon Arthur Harrod. Deacon Arthur proudly served at The Church of God Gethsemane Spiritual Temple for over 30 years.  We are proud to have known him and to have served The Almighty with him here on earth and we look forward to celebrating with him in The Kingdom of Heaven!  Please pray that Yah sends his Rauch Hakodesh to comfort his family in this difficult time of bereavement. Shalom

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